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We are a sustainable and ethical fashion sourcing company with realtime services to our customers to help solve supply chain complexities and create environmentally sustainable products in the apparel space.

We are a fast growing service centre with our reach from our production partners in Bangladesh, India, Turkey, China to help our clients with fast responses and solutions to their needs and problems. Training and management control of our partner factories are a continuous driving activity which we engage day in day out to keep our customers...

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Why Choose Us?

It is very important for you to choose your travel agency very wisely. When you take one or two weeks off from your regular schedule just for some relaxation, you must expect nothing but pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment to refresh yourself and get you back on track.

Therefore, Obokash travel agency is there to ensure that your holidays do not go to a waste with their top quality services and cheap tour packages from Bangladesh. Starting from your visa processing, as we are one of the best visa processing agency in Bangladesh.

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Our mission is to provide the best traveling services for our beloved customers. We ensure that your traveling is filled with joy, excitement, pleasure, and satisfaction, which you won’t get from anywhere else, and we are keeping it cost effective for you.

Our vision, we see that is to become the best travel agency in Bangladesh in a very short time. Being the best will only turn to reality with the feedback and reviews of our beloved customers and it ensures that we are always concerned about our services.

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